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Our People Powered Money: Building a community currency for Glasgow event took place on Wednesday 30 November 2016 at Glasgow City Chambers.
The Report from the Theory of Change workshop at the event is now available online: (download PDF)

The Glasgow Pound Working Group seek to build on the success of alternative currencies in other parts of the UK - from the Bristol Pound to the new HullCoin - developing a unique model to meet Glasgow's complex needs.

Bringing together the energy and enthusiasm of existing alternative economies in the city (see below), the Glasgow Pound Working Group aims to work with the local authority and the city's small businesses to design and establish a new citywide community currency to serve the people of Glasgow and build a stronger local economy.

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Alternative Economies in Glasgow

Castlemilk Timebank
Gorbals Skills Exchange Project
The People's Bank of Govanhill
Glasgow's 33 Credit Unions
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Resources / Guides

People Powered Money
Money with a Purpose
ScotPound Proposal
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Community Currencies around the UK

Bristol Pound
Brixton Pound
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